Remembering Palestine


A story of humanity that comes to life through theatre, uniting stories of exile and longing filled with imagery that belongs to women, told by women.

Over six million Palestinians live in diaspora with little or no contact to their homeland. The chasm and disconnection between Palestinian women and their motherland is vast. Fourteen-thousand kilometres away from Palestine a young theatre director Aleea Monsour sets herself and her team a challenge that will shine a light on this deep divide – uniting stories of displacement and diaspora
through performance.

The feature length arts documentary follows the story behind the making of Monsour’s theatre play ‘Remembering Palestine’. Four Palestinian women from different walks of life share their stories with Aleea, which are transformed into an extraordinary and uplifting theatrical experience.

The film delves into memories of exile, longing and resilience using the power of storytelling filled with imagery that belongs to women, told by women. Central to the story is the passage of Aleea’s personal journey charting the ups and downs of her ambitious project, taking her from a small suburban stage in Brisbane, Australia to the crowded streets of the West Bank.

Four amateur actors Nour, Roja, Sarah and Chloe face the challenges of navigating one of their first ever performances on stage. In observational style, the camera charts their fears and struggles, triumphs and breakthroughs of self-realisation as Middle Eastern women conflicted by their identity and their new life in Australia.

Remembering Palestine weaves a candid behind-the-scene narrative culminating into a powerful, uplifting theatrical experience. The women-led collaboration charts universal themes of statelessness and survival while re-defining the diversity of modern Middle Eastern women with pride and grace. It’s a step toward breaking down myths and stereotypes, encouraging understanding and engagement between two worlds.